Price per Roll $3.85
  Parafilm is a self-sealing tape for finishing corsages, wedding bouquets, stems, floral novelties, silk or dried flowers and offers superior performance.

Parafilm is well known for its stretchability, being able to extend to 4 times it original length which means less tape used and a more professional finish.

Parafilm provides a smooth clean bright finish which is waterproof to keep the moisture within the plants to extend their life and prevent leakage onto paper coverings

Parafilm comes in boxes of 12 Rolls. For white the roll size is 12.7mm by 22.86m. For Green the roll size is 12.7mm by 27.43m

      Price per Roll $3.85
  This is the original self-sealing stem wrap for finishing corsage and wedding bouquet stems, floral novelties, and silk or dried flowers and can provide a neutral or colourful finishing touch to creative and original floral work. .

Economical, strong and easy to use, it allows the designer to create high-quality and creative floral work.

Floratape has excellent stretch, superior adhesion to itself and the flower stem, does not stick to your fingers and is Colour Fast

Available in 6 Colours: Brown, Black, Green, Light Green, Olive and White.

Floratape comes in boxes of 12 Rolls and each roll is 12.7mm by 27.43m